Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been second guessing myself a lot lately and it's really gotta stop! Solutions anyone?! I'm trying to tell myself over and over to just keep moving forward without looking back. But it is HARD!

In other news, I got back from my trip to the East coast a couple of weeks ago. I had a blast! It was so relaxing to escape reality (even though reality is not too in southern california...) and not worry about job hunting for about a week or so. I got to read A LOT! I got to see Williamsburg (A COMPLETE LETDOWN!!!), the Outer Banks in North Carolina (BEAUTIFUL!!!), and Washington D.C. (seriously, such a cool city...who knew?!) Top memories include a run-in with an incredibly, horrendous, vicious stinky cheese...nicknamed by John "The Butt Cheese", lots of lovin' and lickin' from Pudger (my adorable, long-haired Chihuahua faux-nephew), torrential downpour and thunder/lightning storms of which I have never seen the likes (not even close...), the heat and humidity...which I LOVED (I'm weird), trying to scare John when he came home late one night from the movies, but failing miserably (what a waste of two hours staring out the window, thinking that every car that pulled into the parking lot was him), my utter disappointment with Williamsburg, and last but not least, finally meeting my adorably precious cousins' sons (Gavin and Joshua). Thanks to Ashley and John for the treat! I was spoiled (and then some)! They had a lot guts to put up with me for a week! Thanks guys :)

Currently, I am about to go shower after a BEAUTIFUL day at the beach and pool with friends! I'm headed to Santa Barbara tomorrow with my friend to Kim to spend the weekend with our friends Katy and Marleigh. I'm so excited because this will be the first time for me actually stopping and parking in Santa Barbara (I've only ever just driven through). I can't wait...I know it will be so much fun!

Last but not least, I am in the process of lining up a job at Nordstrom. There is a lady who goes to our church here that is the regional manager for all Nordstrom's in the West (ie. all of California, Nevada, Utah, etc). She is going to help me out...what a sweet connection to have, I know! I'm planning on sticking at home for the next few months so I can save up some money and move to LA. There, I hope to delve deeper in the fashion world!

So everyone, please wish me luck as I head into this next stage of my life and help push me forward fast so I can better resist looking back and second-guess
ing myself!!!