Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I seriously don't know why some of my pictures appear on the blog and some don't....so annoying!  If any of you veteran bloggers out there gots some tips for me then help me out!  So anyways, sorry to get all political in my last blog but that's not going to happen too often; I mean, why would an International Relations major want to talk about politics? I don't know.  I don't even know why I chose that as major because, let's be frank, I'm slightly apathetic when it comes to politics.  I guess I just thought that name sounded cool...INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS...it says: "hey, I'm hot stuff!"

So senioritis continues to manifest itself daily in my life.  This morning, I was super tired, so I decided to sleep through my first class.  The next thing I know, I wake up, and it's 20 minutes until my next class of the day begins.  Let's just say I made it to 1/3 of my classes today.  I took a test, then came home and was lazy some more, this time with Alan.  We lied around like bums because that's what we are.  Alan's a ski bum, and, well, I just have a big bum, a la Kim Kardashian style.  Eventually, I made it to the gym to work on toning my big bum, only to be bummed by the fact that Amy, my incredible Power Pump instructor, was missing and some lame substitute was filling in.  I then ran/walked my bum off, cleaned my bum off back at home (we've got cleaning checks tomorrow...always delightful...and no, I did not mean that I washed my bum) and now I'm sitting on my lazy bum, in my bed, having just watched tonight's episode of The Hills.

THE HILLS: Is Audrina a bimbo or what?  Why does she keep going after Justin Bobby when she has a cute Australian boy (yes Katy, he even has an Australian accent!) knocking down her door.  She even took off her swimsuit top in tonight's episode to lure Justin Bobby into the pool with her by revealing her fake boob job (which I'm sure he's probably seen several times over already).  Really Audrina?  Are you that desperate?  You have to get naked just to get Bobby boy in the pool with you?  Sounds like a winner.  Also, I still hate Spencer.


In other news, Gossip Girl was a huge let down tonight.  What is this?  Last week, there was no episode, and this week, the episode was lame!  Who cares about Yale when I can say that I go to the Y myself (unfortunately, the Y I attend is far less ubiquitous and is located in a rather dismal state).  Dear Blair Waldorf, I truly would love to be you.

You know you love me 


Thursday, October 9, 2008

The RAVENOUS ulcer

So if you weren't already aware, last Thursday I was diagnosed with an ulcer.  I know what you're thinking...Lindsey, you are a stress case! Stop stressing!...yes, stress is one of the factors that can contribute to an ulcer, but it is not usually the main cause.  Usually an ulcer is caused by a bacteria called H. Pylori or something like that.  Other factors can add to your probability of getting an ulcer such as stress, caffeinated sodas, too much ibuprofen, etc. I think my ulcer was a product of a combination of all of these things.  I have been stressed recently.  I've been worrying too much about graduating and what I'm going to do afterward.  I'm scared to get a real job!  I still feel like I'm twelve!  Heck, I'm scared just for the interviews alone!  Also, thanks to Alan, I'm starting to get hooked on diet Coke again.  I almost entirely gave up diet Coke about two years ago because it's horrible for you, but with Alan around, constantly swigging at a Dr. Pepper, he has left me no options but to return to the crisp, cold, refreshing experience that is a diet Coke.  The ibuprofen part, well, let's just say that sometimes I probably take a little too much of it!  I'm sorry, but as a woman diagnosed with polycistic ovarian syndrome, there are just times when I am forced to either choose death or the ibuprofen!  I choose to choose...ibuprofen!

Anyways, so when I was diagnosed with an ulcer, my doctor gave me an excused absence from school for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!  Unfortunately, my five days were up yesterday :(.  Not to mention, I really only took advantage of this for one day off from school, which my doctor claimed I desperately needed.  I mean really, I think taking five days off from school would probably make my ulcer worse in the end!  Let's be honest, not going to school for five days=mass stress and chaos once those five days finally catch up to you.  This would probably make my ulcer even larger.  Hey, maybe if it gets bigger, food will start falling out of my stomach when I eat!  Then, who knows what could happen...maybe I'd lose some weight since the food won't get digested!  On the other hand, I might end up with pumpkin pie lumps on my back...Back to the ulcer--now I'm having a hard time focusing on school and all I want to do is lay around and sleep all day.  This is not good considering I have this more than HUGE poli sci 200 assignment due next week that's supposed to take upwards of 12 hours.  Oh poli sci, how I wish that my ulcer would swallow you up and eat you alive!  How I wish that my doctor's note were still in effect so I could legitimately be excused to allow people.com and usmagazine.com and facebook and gmail and eonline.com distract me...but oh yeah, I already did let all of those websites distract me today.  On top of that, I'm blogging now when I should be studying!

Well ulcer, here's to you!  You have provided me with an excuse to lay around, be unproductive, sleep-in, ditch some school, ditch the gym, and eat whatever I want to eat because I think it will make my tummy feel better!  You're amazing!  And if I heard correctly, supposedly you might even cause me to lose some weight...how unfortunate.  I say what this world needs is one VERY LARGE ulcer.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So I've decided to take up blogging. Maybe. I'm not one to stick to anything very well.  I'll get on a kick for a couple of months until something new kicks me off of that kick.  One kick I'll never get started on though is this whole indie hipster thing.  Gross.  And Provo indie hipsters are the worst.  They do all their shopping at DI and Urban Outfitters, never shower, go for the au natural look, smell like your grandma's garage, and think they're the coolest people in the world for being original...think again peeps! With the mass herds of Provo punks rapidly converting to indie-hipsterism, the last thing you are is original! I remember reading an article not too long ago, probably on people.com--one of my greatest and deadliest obsessions--about Justin Timberlake--what used to be one of my greatest and deadliest obsessions--claiming that he is one of Hollywood's original hipsters.  Actually, it wasn't people.com, I just discovered, but none other than my other greatest and deadliest obsession, VOGUE; the Fashion Rocks addition.


Justin, you are about one of the only hipsters who doesn't disgust me.  In fact, you can be MY indie hipster any day.  But alas, I'll probably have to resort to drooling over you as you dance on my tv screen, thanks to one of the two old  N*sync in concert DVD's I just discovered hiding in my storage. Hip hop don't stop...oh Justin...DON'T STOP!!!