Thursday, December 3, 2009

first of all, why are my twitter updates on the side of my blog not my own??? creepy. my blog has been mysteriously overtaken by aliens. but i guess that is my own fault because i don't do a very good job at guarding it...

second of all, i want my housewives of atlanta BACK. none of this housewives of orange county crap. that is my life every day (working at nordstrom). black people are funny. white people aren't. black people live in atlanta. blacklanta= funnier and more entertaining than orange TANty. therefore, houswives of atl>housewives oc. end of story. where is a "therefore" dot pyramid when you need one???

so i haven't blogged in a while. not much is new. just my job at nordstrom which is going decently well. it gives me a reason to get up and get dressed up every day which i like so that is good. other than that my spare time consists of working out with marleigh, my new gym buddy heather, and my "personal trainer" natalie. ha. and then i lay on the couch and watch tv at the end of the day because my feet hurt so bad from standing on them all day long and i'm so exhausted that really, i have no desire to do anything else.

moving on, bryce comes home in exactly two weeks which is beyond exciting. maybe i'll finally actually have somebody to hang out with that isn't as busy as me or my other friends...ha, we'll see about that...i'm starting to get kind of anxious because i haven't seen him in two years, and well kids, THAT'S A LONG TIME. what if it's awkward at first because we aren't used to being around each other? what if he's awkward like other recently returned missionaries? oh well, works going to be crazy for the next two weeks until he gets home because christmas is almost here, and i work retail, and my life is going to be a nightmare for the next two/three weeks, but i will make a lot of money so that is good :) so basically what i am saying is that i am going to be too busy to even think about being nervous about bryce.

in other news. i'm trying to figure out what my mom and i should do for christmas. it is just going to be her and i this year because my sister and john are staying in virginia and i highly doubt that stephen will come around. if anyone has any tips let me know :)

well i think that's all folks. tiger's too busy in house confinement to see me and i cancelled my date with adam lambert because everyone else was doing it so i must go and find ways to spend the remainder of my free time.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

L.A.M.B, D&B, Coach, Marc...

so word on the street today kids is that mama got a job at NORDSTROM. sales-girl in the handbag dept. sounds sassy. watch out fellow sales-girls, i arrive in peace, but also TO OUTSELL YOU.

in honor of the new job at my life-long mecca for the ultimate experience in fashion, luxury, and feeling fabulous, i am dedicating this post to the 2009 FALL MUST HAVES. but not just any fall must haves, LINDSEY'S FALL MUST HAVES. listen up and pay attention peeps.

#1. over-the-knee boots. they are EVERYWHERE. you will NOT be able to avoid them this fall.

#2. a faithful booty. choose a pair that is unique to your style.

#3. hot pink. don't ask questions. just do it.

#4. pretty blouses with pretty bows. and the great thing about this piece is that you can achieve almost any look you are going for just by switching up the print or color on the blouse!

#5. gray accessories. purses. headbands. boots. booties. heels. flats.

#6. plaid. duh. were any of you really surprised? plaid is the go-to fall staple that every girl should have in her closet. but this year you should be reinventing this basic fall essential by wearing it long over leggings, under some faux fur, and paired with some fab booties or over-the-knee boots (see above and below).

#7. a pair of leather leggings. real leather leggings (as shown here) will run you a pretty penny ($500+ to be exact) so ZARA.addict suggests scouting out some faux.

#8. a pair of harem pants as worn here by kim kardashian

#9. a leather statement piece such as this cropped faux leather jacket (recently purchased by none other than yours truly).

#10. last but certainly not least, any sort of faux fur vest/jacket/shawl/scarf to top-off a perfect fall ensemble.

and there you have it kids. ten pieces that must be in each and every one of your wardrobes this fall! that is, only if you want to be as hot as ZARA.addict... :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


all i want to do is add leopard print on each side of my blog. that is all. is that so much for me to ask??? somebody please help asap. xoxo

second interview at nordstrom tomorrow. jesh. also just applied for a job as a buyer at ZARA. in spain. applier needs 3-5 years experience in similar job. HEY A GIRL CAN DREAM CAN'T SHE???

my allergies are out of control. especially when i go to bed at night. i think i am allergic to something in my room. I CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT AND THEN I HAVE TO GET UP AT 6 IN THE MORNING TO TAKE BENADRYL AND NYQUIL SO I CAN FINALLY SLEEP AND THEN I SLEEP UNTIL 2PM! SHEESH.

praise the santa ana winds for bringing us such delightful beach weather in the end of september (spent some great quality time with ash.wright at 29th street in del mar by all the cute doggies)!!!

looking forward to fidel's with the girls tomorrow night=my fav mexican food in the whole world and some of my fav people!


Monday, September 14, 2009

the vmas makes me want to dance


so i was a little disappointed with some things that came as a byproduct of this years' vmas.

first off, russell brand. some things that were said in his vma opener speech were totally and completely inappropriate. and this is coming from a girl who is considered the most inappropriate in a group of all non-mormon friends! first of all, it just bugs the shiz out of me when celebs talk politics. for realz. one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. just because you are on stage does not entitle you to worship the president as if he were a god or declare that socialized healthcare is the one thing the US needs to make it as good as the UK. also, comments made about katy perry, lady gaga, and megan fox, really just made we want to puke.

moving on. kanye. you're a jerk. get a life. has anyone else besides myself ever compared kanye to spencer of the hills??? i think they're both hilarious, entertaining, and completely genius because they purposely act over-the-top to draw attention to themselves and to gain even more fame. and it works. brilliant. but kanye, what you did was still incredibly rude and shows absolutely no manners, or morals for that matter, on your behalf.

lady gaga. did anyone else find her performance a little bit creepy or the slightest horrific? i'm sorry, i just don't handle blood well, or sickness, injuries, death etc. this performance was just a little bit much.

why did eminem win best hip-hop video? he's just so white-trash!

why was kristin cavallari sent out to present as the one rep for the hills? doesn't somebody who's been on the hills for at least the past year or deserve that privilege a little more? or maybe its just that kristin is the only attention whore remaining? is that even possible with when speidi still remain members of the cast?

where were ri-ri, britney spears, and the black-eyed peas??? and for heaven's sake, WHY. DID. THEY. NOT. PERFORM???!!!

last but not least of the disappointments was provided by lady gaga, who, after winning breakout artist of the year, dedicated her moon man to "god and the gays". i'm not trying to say anything is wrong with this statement, just a little awkward is all.


first off, that michael jackson dance tribute was THRILLING (no pun intended). truly amazing. and the cherry on top was the wrap-up with janet jackson performing her duet Scream alongside the music video featuring MJ. was i the only one in tears by the end?

LOVED beyonce's performance of Single Ladies. As well as her incredibly classy award dedication to taylor swift. beyonce is not always my fav because sometimes i feel she's a bit fake but genuine or not, what she did truly was generous and kind. good political move on her part?

Muse. I LUF THEM. 'nough said. when can i see them in concert again???

Lastly, the awards could not have ended with a more perfect performance. i LOVE this song by jay-z and alicia keys and it couldn't have been more fitting for the awards!


i officially want to be a dancer so i can booty drop it like beyonce and don't stop til' i get enough like MJ.

i'm extremely excited for the two-part oprah-whitney houston interview that starts tomorrow. anybody else with me???


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


currently listening to Whitney Houston's new cd I Look to You, i found this gem of a song (as fellow blogger/friend burntmustard would say): "I Didn't Know My Own Strength".

take a peek (and learn a little portuguese too!) as always, brought to you in form of a techno remix (one of my greatest pleasures in life):

for those of you who know me and know what i've been through this past year should be able
to see how this relates to my life and just why I have coined it my theme song of the moment!
(refer to my first post of the year in case you need to refresh your memory.)

good news is that i have now realized i am MUCH stronger than i ever thought i was. i also
know that i am capable of so many things and have such a grand potential that i would have
NEVER realized had i not been through what i went through.

Moral of the story is: i had to go through shit to know my own strength :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been second guessing myself a lot lately and it's really gotta stop! Solutions anyone?! I'm trying to tell myself over and over to just keep moving forward without looking back. But it is HARD!

In other news, I got back from my trip to the East coast a couple of weeks ago. I had a blast! It was so relaxing to escape reality (even though reality is not too in southern california...) and not worry about job hunting for about a week or so. I got to read A LOT! I got to see Williamsburg (A COMPLETE LETDOWN!!!), the Outer Banks in North Carolina (BEAUTIFUL!!!), and Washington D.C. (seriously, such a cool city...who knew?!) Top memories include a run-in with an incredibly, horrendous, vicious stinky cheese...nicknamed by John "The Butt Cheese", lots of lovin' and lickin' from Pudger (my adorable, long-haired Chihuahua faux-nephew), torrential downpour and thunder/lightning storms of which I have never seen the likes (not even close...), the heat and humidity...which I LOVED (I'm weird), trying to scare John when he came home late one night from the movies, but failing miserably (what a waste of two hours staring out the window, thinking that every car that pulled into the parking lot was him), my utter disappointment with Williamsburg, and last but not least, finally meeting my adorably precious cousins' sons (Gavin and Joshua). Thanks to Ashley and John for the treat! I was spoiled (and then some)! They had a lot guts to put up with me for a week! Thanks guys :)

Currently, I am about to go shower after a BEAUTIFUL day at the beach and pool with friends! I'm headed to Santa Barbara tomorrow with my friend to Kim to spend the weekend with our friends Katy and Marleigh. I'm so excited because this will be the first time for me actually stopping and parking in Santa Barbara (I've only ever just driven through). I can't wait...I know it will be so much fun!

Last but not least, I am in the process of lining up a job at Nordstrom. There is a lady who goes to our church here that is the regional manager for all Nordstrom's in the West (ie. all of California, Nevada, Utah, etc). She is going to help me out...what a sweet connection to have, I know! I'm planning on sticking at home for the next few months so I can save up some money and move to LA. There, I hope to delve deeper in the fashion world!

So everyone, please wish me luck as I head into this next stage of my life and help push me forward fast so I can better resist looking back and second-guess
ing myself!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I decided that since it is now summertime, I needed to brighten-up my blog's "look" a bit; hence the warmer colors. I'm still trying to figure out how to add patterns and designs and other such things to make my blog a little more funky and if anyone knows how, PLEASE TEACH ME!!! As you are probably all aware, it has been quite some time since I last posted. Since then, I have passed several milestones in my life and feel extremely proud and accomplished. Most importantly, I have finished my career as a BYU undergraduate and I have successfully completed my first marathon! GO ME.

I couldn't be happier with the way my life is panning out right now. I had a great, carefree, and lazy summer in Provo, laying out at the pool by day, and having some much-needed girl time by night. Throw in a season pass to Seven Peaks Water Park and a little summer lovin' and I think you may understand just why my summer has been SO perfect! To top it all off I have met someFABULOUS new people, had some experiences and adventures of a lifetime, and get the opportunity to travel to the east coast next week to visit my sister, her husband, and my faux-nephew Pudger (their dog). During my stay, we will make a much anticipated first-time (for myself) trip to DC. I couldn't be more excited!

Back up to reality...termination of my career as a university undergraduate means that I have begun the much dreaded JOB HUNT (dare I say it?) My dream is to work in the fashion industry, so that is where I'm looking, but with the way the economy is right now, I may have to settle for any job that comes my way...argh, I don't want wish me luck and send some leads my way! 

Love to you all who have been there for me through thick and thin over the past six months. I have found some truly amazing friends who have been my rock, or shall I say gem, because they are all BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for all the love and support and I only hope that I can one day return the favor you have so graciously bestowed upon me. Last but not least, stay tuned because Lindsey is back in the blogosphere, bigger and better than ever before!