Monday, September 14, 2009

the vmas makes me want to dance


so i was a little disappointed with some things that came as a byproduct of this years' vmas.

first off, russell brand. some things that were said in his vma opener speech were totally and completely inappropriate. and this is coming from a girl who is considered the most inappropriate in a group of all non-mormon friends! first of all, it just bugs the shiz out of me when celebs talk politics. for realz. one of my biggest pet peeves of all time. just because you are on stage does not entitle you to worship the president as if he were a god or declare that socialized healthcare is the one thing the US needs to make it as good as the UK. also, comments made about katy perry, lady gaga, and megan fox, really just made we want to puke.

moving on. kanye. you're a jerk. get a life. has anyone else besides myself ever compared kanye to spencer of the hills??? i think they're both hilarious, entertaining, and completely genius because they purposely act over-the-top to draw attention to themselves and to gain even more fame. and it works. brilliant. but kanye, what you did was still incredibly rude and shows absolutely no manners, or morals for that matter, on your behalf.

lady gaga. did anyone else find her performance a little bit creepy or the slightest horrific? i'm sorry, i just don't handle blood well, or sickness, injuries, death etc. this performance was just a little bit much.

why did eminem win best hip-hop video? he's just so white-trash!

why was kristin cavallari sent out to present as the one rep for the hills? doesn't somebody who's been on the hills for at least the past year or deserve that privilege a little more? or maybe its just that kristin is the only attention whore remaining? is that even possible with when speidi still remain members of the cast?

where were ri-ri, britney spears, and the black-eyed peas??? and for heaven's sake, WHY. DID. THEY. NOT. PERFORM???!!!

last but not least of the disappointments was provided by lady gaga, who, after winning breakout artist of the year, dedicated her moon man to "god and the gays". i'm not trying to say anything is wrong with this statement, just a little awkward is all.


first off, that michael jackson dance tribute was THRILLING (no pun intended). truly amazing. and the cherry on top was the wrap-up with janet jackson performing her duet Scream alongside the music video featuring MJ. was i the only one in tears by the end?

LOVED beyonce's performance of Single Ladies. As well as her incredibly classy award dedication to taylor swift. beyonce is not always my fav because sometimes i feel she's a bit fake but genuine or not, what she did truly was generous and kind. good political move on her part?

Muse. I LUF THEM. 'nough said. when can i see them in concert again???

Lastly, the awards could not have ended with a more perfect performance. i LOVE this song by jay-z and alicia keys and it couldn't have been more fitting for the awards!


i officially want to be a dancer so i can booty drop it like beyonce and don't stop til' i get enough like MJ.

i'm extremely excited for the two-part oprah-whitney houston interview that starts tomorrow. anybody else with me???



Virginian Masedas said...

YES! John and I were both left speechless with Lady Gaga's perfomance. Weird and odd is all I can see. She is an extreme person! And her outfits???? Hmmm.....
Can't wait to see you breakout in your crazy dance moves. Hopefully you have better coordination than me. I attempted to do a hip-hop work out yesterday.....only to fail miserable. I've got no groove, and no coordination!

Virginian Masedas said...

PS. I JUST LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Whitney's new cd. I bought it on itunes the day it came out. Although, her voice sounds a little scratchy. I guess those drugs got to her voice. Boohoo!

lindseylovesZARA said...

totally. all that weed laced with crack smoked her pipes for sure.

Hoolie said...

Love your VMAs report Rinds! hilarious

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