Tuesday, September 29, 2009

L.A.M.B, D&B, Coach, Marc...

so word on the street today kids is that mama got a job at NORDSTROM. sales-girl in the handbag dept. sounds sassy. watch out fellow sales-girls, i arrive in peace, but also TO OUTSELL YOU.

in honor of the new job at my life-long mecca for the ultimate experience in fashion, luxury, and feeling fabulous, i am dedicating this post to the 2009 FALL MUST HAVES. but not just any fall must haves, LINDSEY'S FALL MUST HAVES. listen up and pay attention peeps.

#1. over-the-knee boots. they are EVERYWHERE. you will NOT be able to avoid them this fall.

#2. a faithful booty. choose a pair that is unique to your style.

#3. hot pink. don't ask questions. just do it.

#4. pretty blouses with pretty bows. and the great thing about this piece is that you can achieve almost any look you are going for just by switching up the print or color on the blouse!

#5. gray accessories. purses. headbands. boots. booties. heels. flats.

#6. plaid. duh. were any of you really surprised? plaid is the go-to fall staple that every girl should have in her closet. but this year you should be reinventing this basic fall essential by wearing it long over leggings, under some faux fur, and paired with some fab booties or over-the-knee boots (see above and below).

#7. a pair of leather leggings. real leather leggings (as shown here) will run you a pretty penny ($500+ to be exact) so ZARA.addict suggests scouting out some faux.

#8. a pair of harem pants as worn here by kim kardashian

#9. a leather statement piece such as this cropped faux leather jacket (recently purchased by none other than yours truly).

#10. last but certainly not least, any sort of faux fur vest/jacket/shawl/scarf to top-off a perfect fall ensemble.

and there you have it kids. ten pieces that must be in each and every one of your wardrobes this fall! that is, only if you want to be as hot as ZARA.addict... :)


Amber Garrity said...

They sell faux leather leggings at claire's they even have the zipper on the calf. They're hot. Love the post.

lindseylovesZARA said...

Love the tip :) thanks!

Le Temps d'M said...

I like the shoes ;)