Thursday, December 3, 2009

first of all, why are my twitter updates on the side of my blog not my own??? creepy. my blog has been mysteriously overtaken by aliens. but i guess that is my own fault because i don't do a very good job at guarding it...

second of all, i want my housewives of atlanta BACK. none of this housewives of orange county crap. that is my life every day (working at nordstrom). black people are funny. white people aren't. black people live in atlanta. blacklanta= funnier and more entertaining than orange TANty. therefore, houswives of atl>housewives oc. end of story. where is a "therefore" dot pyramid when you need one???

so i haven't blogged in a while. not much is new. just my job at nordstrom which is going decently well. it gives me a reason to get up and get dressed up every day which i like so that is good. other than that my spare time consists of working out with marleigh, my new gym buddy heather, and my "personal trainer" natalie. ha. and then i lay on the couch and watch tv at the end of the day because my feet hurt so bad from standing on them all day long and i'm so exhausted that really, i have no desire to do anything else.

moving on, bryce comes home in exactly two weeks which is beyond exciting. maybe i'll finally actually have somebody to hang out with that isn't as busy as me or my other friends...ha, we'll see about that...i'm starting to get kind of anxious because i haven't seen him in two years, and well kids, THAT'S A LONG TIME. what if it's awkward at first because we aren't used to being around each other? what if he's awkward like other recently returned missionaries? oh well, works going to be crazy for the next two weeks until he gets home because christmas is almost here, and i work retail, and my life is going to be a nightmare for the next two/three weeks, but i will make a lot of money so that is good :) so basically what i am saying is that i am going to be too busy to even think about being nervous about bryce.

in other news. i'm trying to figure out what my mom and i should do for christmas. it is just going to be her and i this year because my sister and john are staying in virginia and i highly doubt that stephen will come around. if anyone has any tips let me know :)

well i think that's all folks. tiger's too busy in house confinement to see me and i cancelled my date with adam lambert because everyone else was doing it so i must go and find ways to spend the remainder of my free time.




ashley toocooforschool wright said...

lizard that was brilliant. you cancelling on adam lambert bc everyone else is....
so good.

Michelle Tolboe said...

I have an idea........COME SEE US FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then you can get your hair did.