Tuesday, September 8, 2009


currently listening to Whitney Houston's new cd I Look to You, i found this gem of a song (as fellow blogger/friend burntmustard would say): "I Didn't Know My Own Strength".

take a peek (and learn a little portuguese too!) as always, brought to you in form of a techno remix (one of my greatest pleasures in life):

for those of you who know me and know what i've been through this past year should be able
to see how this relates to my life and just why I have coined it my theme song of the moment!
(refer to my first post of the year in case you need to refresh your memory.)

good news is that i have now realized i am MUCH stronger than i ever thought i was. i also
know that i am capable of so many things and have such a grand potential that i would have
NEVER realized had i not been through what i went through.

Moral of the story is: i had to go through shit to know my own strength :)